Yoga Masterclass Report

We welcomed Sama Fabian for a special yoga worskhop ‘ Riding the Wave’ in Rainhill, Merseyside. Yogini’s came from over the North West.


Sama certainly opens up other dimensions in our yoga practice – it was an enlightening experience. I’m so pleased I had the opportunity to attendMarj G

Sama Fabian is a yoga elder with over 35 years teaching experience. Her style is rigorous and empowering yet subtle and compassionate. She leads workshops and courses internationally and co-runs The Greenhouse School of Yoga and Healing Centre in Wales. She runs teacher training programs, yoga study circles and a private consultancy with tailored sessions for teachers and trainees. Her practice as a Craniosacral therapist and Shamanic Counsellor also inform her teaching methodology.

She is worked with David Sye on a project called Yoga beats Conflict. Yoga is used to help bring peace and healing to people deeply traumatised by years of conflict and war.


“I attend Sama’s workshops whenever she comes to the North West. They are never the same and there is always a considered focus on a particular aspect of yoga.

She has a particular gift for teaching the bandhas and interweaving use of these into all asanas. Personally, my practice has been transformed by her teachings on incorporating pada bandha into posture work. Her focus also on uddiyana bandha in Saturday’s and other workshops has given me the confidence to explore this in my own practice and then to teach it to my students. I did not do this before I started working with Sama. It is her methodical, carefully explained approach that allows her to teach with such success. There is always time for practice and experimentation; there is checking that her instructions have been understood; there is encouragement of feedback from the class; and there is time to laugh and get it wrong, guided by a teacher who combines compassion with discipline.” Anna F



“Sama is a very visual teacher and she will normally demonstrate each posture, sometimes before we do it ourselves, sometimes afterwards so that we get a chance to appreciate the differences of small but important adjustments she will teach – again, allowing for repetition and giving the brain and the body a chance to “get it”. Equally, her use of language is exquisite, a small group of us were discussing this on Saturday. Her choice of words is encouraging and positive; her sense of humour is apparent at all times.” Anna F



“The koshas are explained in an accessible way and through her sequencing we come to understand the interplay between the physical and the energetic body. On Saturday she also described in simple terms the difference between Pranayama and Meditation, how the sitting postures are designed for desired outcomes and how different koshas are affected by each practice – this clear explanation was perfect for those not previously familiar with the different cross legged positions and a great reminder for us teachers.

I encourage my students to attend Sama’s workshops and at least five of them have. They all give glowing reports.” Anna F


“Sama nuances yoga in a way that no one else I have encountered at the many workshops I have attended can. She combines this sensitivity with strength, discipline and constant enquiry, all of which she encourages us to develop in our own practice. This is why Sama is currently the only teacher I would consider as my mentor and with whom I would do further (ie post graduate) training.” Anna F


Sama was thrilled with her new hand crafted meditation stool designed and created by Wendy’s Dad, Tony Moran. ” Special thanks to Tony for the gift of a meditation stool that I have found very useful”

“The day went so quick I really enjoyed every moment, after over ten years of yoga I felt I was a total novice. Sama made me more aware of how I was feeling in each posture and how my body should feel. It was about taking the time for yourself to be aware of how you feel now at this moment, rather than just going through the motions. Thank you again for a wonderful day please let me know when this will be happening again “ Kathy S



Lorraine C “I thought Sama brought such a lot of wisdom and knowledge to the workshop and I realised that I am still at such an early stage in my understanding of yoga! I haven’t been to a yoga workshop previously, so I do not have anything to compare this one to, but I learnt new moves and enjoyed her candidness about the body, being kind to yourself, learning about your body, what’s right for you as an individual and that the learning never stops – all really good things for me to take away when I’m really at the very beginning of my yoga journey.

 I’m starting to look at foundation/teacher training courses as I would really like to enhance and embed my knowledge and understanding of yoga and last Saturday was a great experience. If you have any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated!”


“I thoroughly enjoyed my day working with Sama. Gill Slater, Open Yoga I simply love to be taught and don’t get to do it that often. Most yoga teachers in my area are Iyengar, Astanga and Power folk. I end up getting a lot from the web, particularly for my ongoing Forrest practice.

Sama is a true woman of wisdom! I’m rather weary of all the young things doing ‘acrobatics’ which is totally unavailable to the majority of the people who come to me. She give me lots to think about and I realised how weary I was and have instigated some time off and space in order to restore…

My yoga knowledge is not really steeped in the Indian traditions, such as Patanjali. I’ve chosen a more western way I guess. My Iyengar lessons nine years were all about posture, alignment and posture. Pranayama was a rare occurrence. My Astanga TT was cursory on that level, merely teaching me how to teach the Primary Series. My Forrest TT was intense and did deal with cleansing but has a different emphasis. Therefore, it’s great to meet a teacher who gives some insight into that Ancient knowledge. I also loved her Sun Salutes and her different interpretation. I always seem to find teachers who are willing to evolve their practice and speak their truth boldly and with conviction and humour.



I’d be more than happy to work more with Sama and am also interested by her being a Shaman as that is a large part of Forrest Yoga, albeit in The Native American Tradition.

I held a lovely workshop on Saturday for some wonderful women. I brought in some of what I’d learnt with Sama and we had a Talking Circle and a chance to journal a little of what was going on internally. All I learn I pass on!

Many thanks for organising the day…I know they can be rather exhausting events. It was lovely, may we meet again in the near future.”


Sama Fabian’s special yoga workshop ‘Riding the Wave’ Prana is the life force that runs through our bodies, giving us both energy and power. It is a constant presence in the Universe, flowing through all living creatures. Riding the Wave allowed us to tap into this vital resource and learn to dissolve any resistance to that flow.

In Sanskrit, ‘bandha’ is the term for the internal energy locks which can be used to harness the flow of prana. The Mula Bandha engages with core stability, keeping your energy engaged and giving you a sense of lightness. Uddiyana Bandha moves upwards, engaging your diaphragm, stomach and internal organs whilst the Jalandhara Bandha controls the flow of energy in the nerves and blood vessels of the neck. Together, they help you to direct your energy efficiently, enhancing the practice of asanas, breathing and meditation.

The morning started with cleansing breathing practices and sensitive bandha work to prepare for a fluid and integrated asana sequence. After lunch, experience of the power of restorative practices and customised inversions, and the day concluded with a deep relaxation and a finishing mudra.

2 thoughts on “Yoga Masterclass Report

  1. Sahar Maurice says:

    Yoga Workshop ‘Riding the Wave’ with Sama Fabian

    Well organized by hostess Wendy Moran, from timing, materials provided, and preparing the hall, thanks for that ,, it was well felt.

    The Yoga Workshop by Sama, was at high level of experience, knowledge and wisdom which all came in her teaching in this workshop.
    Organized plan from she started until she ended with the Relaxation, I liked in particular the Humming sounds of the Bees ( alternative to OM!) very gentle and natural (sound of the nature)
    although myself I love chanting OM correctly! it’s always challenge to me! but OM translates Mother in Arabic! and (we all know how much Mother earth can offer us in Yoga!)
    I personally gained a lot of new techniques and also get to know new gestures (which I’m always curious about!)
    her unique technique is admirable! I am astonished when she mentioned that she had injured her knees! something to wonder about with Yoga practice! is some postures are necessary? or right to do
    some postures it seemed to me (extreme unnaturally to human physique!) what’s the point?
    But again, maybe that a type of Yoga which I didn’t practice ! and some people can do it without injuring themselves! How much are these people to make it public in Yoga stream?

    I liked the physical knowledge and explanations she offered while presenting us the postures, she knows what she is doing to her body! and what she is teaching it to us..
    also her humorious attitude!. She really made me smile -hard- and a lot, while doing the practice. It’s so nice.

    What personally I liked about Sama that she’s coming from different backgrounds! that already made her way richer in personality, the way she says her stories and reflects on them. made her very interesting.

    I might think, the workshop was missing some background music……

    • Wendy - Amity Yoga says:

      Thank you, Sahar for your thoughtful feedback. I,m sure this will inspire others to reflect on their practice and to seek attending future workshops by such a special yoga teacher as Sama Fabian. Great to hear you enjoyed the whole day. Best wishes Wendy

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