Successful August Amity Yoga Day in Rainhill

Amity Yoga Saturday – 8 August 2015

On Saturday 8 August Amity Yoga had another successful yoga day in Rainhill, Merseyside. It’s lovely to see yogini’s arriving with a mixture of excitement and relief that they have arrived for their special yoga saturday day retreat. A treat for themselves from 10 am until 2pm.  Each person appreciating the opportunity to have the chance to re-energise, relax and have fun. A refreshing herbal tea and a chat to their fellow yogini’s.

We welcomed new yogini’s to our Amity Yoga group.  The day started with a group walking meditation, followed by gentle moving asana to relax and release tight muscles.

Co-ordinating breath and movement during the asana practice gave everyone the chance to listen to their breath and observe how their body responded.  Restorative postures were welcomed after a refreshing flowing asana practice. It’s very rewarding to see the improvement of individual yogini’s as they practice. Along with gaining the physical strength and improvement in flexibility, I can see a development in yoga asana technique as well as an increase in confidence.

Alternative nostril breathing (Nadi Shodhana) was practiced helping to calm the nervous system, mind and body.  Then the ultimate posture of the day ‘Shavasana’ corpse pose for an extended relaxation yoga nidra. A deep relaxation well received by all Amity yogini’s.

Emerging slowly from relaxation.  I observed the yogini’s looking refreshed and relaxed. As the sweet aroma of the warm lunch arouse, I could see the anticipation of ‘What are we having today………?”   Lunch went down well with a second helping to comfort the body a little bit more.  Conversation flowing including  inspiring stories and supportive words, along with practical exchanges of yoga information and therapeutic laughs along the way.

After some karma yoga in the kitchen the yoga day was complete with a session about understanding the development of meditation.  Finishing off the yoga day with experiencing different meditation techniques.

Looking forward to the next Amity Yoga Saturday’s 12 & 26 September.  If you would like to book a place for the following Amity Yoga dates please contact Wendy M: 07749 503855 E:

Improving Confidence with Yoga
Increasing  Confidence with Yoga

AMITY YOGA welcomes Internationl Yoga Teacher Sama Fabian Workshop – 17 OCTOBER 

Amity Yoga welcomes Sama Fabian Yoga Elder for Special Yoga Workshop -  17 October 2015 Rainhill, Merseyside
Amity Yoga welcomes Sama Fabian Yoga Elder for Special Yoga Workshop – 17 October 2015 Rainhill, Merseyside