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Buy metacam uk and they were happy with it Reviewer: Mr. Vain - favorite June 3, 2006 Subject: Nice show I enjoyed this a great deal. It has good mix and solid performances. Bobby Jerry were doing a lot of interesting things, even the vocals. I've often compared this show to 3/8/83; in my mind, the songs are a bit "different" and "slightly" different. It's a fun show, and nice to hear these two great Grateful Dead. This is a pretty great show, though the mix is somewhat lacking and the recording seems to have distortion issues at times (not a huge deal if you're fan of this era). - June 3, 2006Nice show Reviewer: pnc - favorite May 8, 2006 Subject: Great show I'm always buy metacam online australia blown away by the sounds on this site and is no exception. I agree with Mr. Vain's previous comment that the vocals are a bit "off." The shows are good in any era, but I'd really suggest giving this a listen just as the tour begins to bring it all together. - May 8, 2006Great show Reviewer: JamsOnly - favorite April 22, 2006 Subject: I agree, better than the first show This is one of my favorite shows, the first was a nice little surprise that I thought was gonna be bad. This one is really good. The recording doesn't pick up energy from the first show in such a good way that I'm not sure Metacam buy online australia this is the recording. But it sounds fine to me, and I'm happy with it. I do agree with some people saying that the first show is better pharmacy online promo code australia than this, but I don't think they're right. - April 22, 2006I agree, better than metacam online kopen the first show Reviewer: njpg - favorite March 13, 2006 Subject: Great Soundboard show, and excellent recording. I only wish there were more shows from this run; they're not all THAT memorable. It's a great recording, I just wish the show had more energy and the sound quality a bit better. - March 13, 2006Great Soundboard Reviewer: P&F_77 - favorite February 14, 2006 Subject: Great Show This is a superb show! the "Truckin'" you hear in end of the intro, that Jerry sings in the end of song. That's a great segue for this show into the rest of - I mean, the Truckin' into Dark Star is a little over the top, but you can really hear the magic of Dead when you're hearing this show. I would recommend to anyone who metacam buy online has the chance. - February 14, 2006Great Show

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