Dynamic Mudra Mantra

During this mudra (yoga hand gesture) the fingers move accompanied with mantra Sa, Ta, Na, Ma. As you exhale place one of your fingertips on the tip of each thumb. While inhaling extend the fingers again. Co-ordinate this with the mantra syllables;

Speaking ‘Saa’ press together the thumb and index finger;

Speaking ‘Taa’ use middle finger and thumb;

Speaking ‘Naa’ use ring finger and thumb;

Speaking ‘Maa’ use little finger and thumb.

Use both hands and practice this dynamic mudra mantra for 5 to 30 minutes.

This dynamic mudra is used to promote brain activity and to relax the nervous system. It promotes concentration and creates a feel of inner calmness.

Aim to breathe slowly and focus on an even inhale and exhale. Breathing slowly will help your body and mind to relax.

Give it try. Notice how you feel.

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