Appreciation Meditation – for you (self meditation)

Amity Yoga - Appreciation Meditation for you
Amity Yoga – Friendship Yoga Merseyside –  Appreciation Meditation just for you

Find a comfortable position for meditation. This may be seated on a meditation stool, cushion or seated on a chair.  Either sitting cross legged or with legs straight out and wide legged. Whatever position feels the most comfortable for you.  Ensure that your spine is long and upright.

Focus now on sound of your breath.  Either with your eyes closed or if you are feeling anxious keep your eyes open.  Notice your inhalation and then observe your natural pause before you exhale.  Keep your focus of the flow of your breath. Inhaling (followed by a natural pause in your breath) and then exhaling.

Relax your jaw as your breath out.

As you inhale take your awareness deep into your heart. Feel your heart softening, feel your heart relaxing, feel your heart opening, as you inhale.  As you exhale feel your heart release tension, release any tightness, release any resistance with each exhalation.

Focus now on an image of yourself and listen to your inner voice repeating your name. Feel comfort and compassion for yourself.  Let your heart appreciate your unique and special qualities.  Let your heart celebrate your uniqueness.  Thank yourself for being you!  Say thank you to yourself.  Say your name and feel appreciation for yourself.

Silently say to yourself, may I be confident, may I feel from any self doubt, may I be strong and positive, may I bring hope into my life, may I be happy and may I feel reassured.

Allow your focus to remain in your heart.  Keep yourself in your heart. Feel appreciation for yourself.

Take a deep breath, feel a deep compassion in your heart for yourself and smile to yourself.


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