Meditation Music

Music can be used to help you meditate, especially when you begin meditating. Music can help to avoid distractions, focus the mind and relax your body. It is very much a personal choice when it comes to selecting what music works best for you and what you enjoy.  There is a huge selection of meditation music available. From traditional singing bowls, mantra, tibetan, world, indian, modern techno to classical music.  Experiment with different types of music and see how it helps you with your meditation.

A few suggestions:


Om Mani Pandme Hung – Ani Choying Drolma

Aum Chant – Meditation on the eternal with ocean waves and Ektar – Music for Deep Meditation

Jewels of Silence – Ashana with Thomas Barquee – Meditations on the Chakras for Voice and Crystal Singing Bowls

Nawang Khechog – Infinite Love
Music “Infinite Love” by Nawang Khechog (iTunes)


Nightbook (2009)
Composed and performed by Ludovico Einaudi.

In Principio – 0:00
Lady Labyrinth – 2:51
Nightbook – 8:21
Indaco – 14:13
The Snow Prelude – 19:34
Eros – 24:03
The Crane Dance – 29:41
The Snow Prelude No. 2 – 32:46
The Tower – 36:55
Reverie – 41:36
Bye Bye Mon Amour – 46:16
The Planets – 53:54
Solo (Hidden) 1:00:51

“A night-time landscape. A garden faintly visible under the dull glow of the night sky. A few stars dotting the darkness above, shadows of the trees all around. Light shining from a window behind me. What I can see is familiar, but it seems alien at the same time. It’s like a dream – anything may happen.” Music “Einaudi: Solo” by Ludovico Einaudi – (iTunes)


A Hundred Blessings” by Mirabai Ceiba from the album “A Hundred Blessings”. To download this album visit: or (itunes)

Relax with Amity Yoga – Hatha Yoga Rainhill Merseyside 16 May 2015

Join Amity Yoga for a Relaxing fun Hatha Yoga Day In Rainhill Merseyside

Join Amity Yoga for a Relaxing fun Hatha Yoga Event Day In Rainhill Merseyside

The countdown is on for our Amity Yoga Day at St James Methodist Church, Rainhill tomorrow.

Preparation is now done and we are looking forward to fun, relaxing hatha yoga day with Yogini’s from across Merseyside, Liverpool & Cheshire. Newcomers are welcome. Take a look at our Amity Yoga Saturdays  page for more details and if fancy coming along please contact Wendy to book your place M: 07749 503855

Twitter @amityyoga

Twitter @amityyoga

Freedom within – Meditation

Meditate on these lyrics, Freedom by Jane Winther (musician, singer, songwriter).

 Read each word slowly, with your full attention on each word.  Acknowledge your thoughts and feelings.  Take time to meditate.

Freedom within

Deep within.

Freedom is finding myself,

anywhere in this world,

Moment of silence, moment of joy.

Feeling free in this moment,

Feeling Home,

freedom within,

deep within,

Freedom within

Deep within.

Jane Winther


Freedom (Jane Winther, Jon Dexter, Steve Zirkel) ℗ 2011 Unisound Recording
Released on: 2011-05-20 Music Publisher: Jane Winther

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Healing Meditations – Soothing the nervous system 

Healing meditations can help soothe the nervous system.

If you are feeling confused, calmly reassure yourself that confusion will pass with rest and healing. You may find comfort from looking at an inspirational photograph or book. Focus your full attention on one word at a time. Take time to read only one sentence or paragraph.

If you feel weighed down by your nervous feelings, imagine the feelings as an huge weight. Then put it down so that you can go for a walk or to spend some time with your friends.

Acknowledging your feelings can be simple way of relaxing and going with the flow of your emotions with the understanding and confidence that you can ride out the storm. Allow yourself to rest and be quiet.  Feel reassured and comforted. Embrace a caring attitude to yourself.

Healing Meditations - Soothe the nervous system

Healing Meditations – Soothe the nervous system

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Meditate – Flexibility & Balancing Our Mind

Meditate on this …… to maintain balance in our minds we need the mind to be flexible.

Flexibility is the key element of achieving balance of our mind.  

 Indian Buddhist Master Atisha wrote:

Whenever your mind is too high,

it is necessary to crush your pride

By remembering the instructions of the teacher.

Whenever your mind is too low,

It needs to have inspiration.

Whenever you face objects of desire or hatred,

See them as illusions and apparitions.

Whenever you hear unattractive things,

See them as echoes.

Whenever hurt comes to your body.

Accept it as the result of your karma.


By Unknown [Tibet (a Kadampa monastery)] (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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Amity Yoga – Kindness Meditation

Meditate on these words, “No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted.”

Aesop (650-560 BC)

What comes into your mind when you read these words?

Does it make you think of someone who has been kind to you? do you think about yourself? When was the last time you did an act of kindness?  It may be everyday?  It may have been a long time ago. Meditate on these questions.

Reflect on a time when you were kind to someone. Maybe your family or close friends.  It could have been a stranger you unexpectedly encountered one day.

Amity Yoga - Kindness Meditation

Amity Yoga – Kindness Meditation

Reflect on being kind to yourself. How does that make you feel?

Meditate on these words.  A small amount of kindness goes a long way and I’m sure it will be warmly received.

Ask yourself this question – Have you ever received a small act of kindness unexpectedly from a stranger? How did it make you feel? Did it make you smile.  Did it surprise you?  

How do you feel when you are kind to someone else?

Consider giving yourself a small amount of time to meditate.  No matter how short that time maybe. This will be an act of kindness to yourself.  Acknowledge that you deserve to receive an act of kindness for yourself.

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