Feel more at peace after…… Amity Yoga

‘Amity’ is the French word for friendship. Amity Yoga is a group of people that come together to improve their  body, mind and spirit.

“Thank you Wendy, for an absolutely wonderful day of yoga. Exactly what my body & mind was screaming out for today” Sue McB – Amity Yoga Rainhill

Feel more at peace

Feel more at peace

AMITY YOGA SATURDAY’S – Autumn  15 October, 19 November


A well paced session that suits mixed ability levels, adapting to suit individual needs. The day includes HATHA YOGA – ASANA, MEDITATION, YOGA NIDRA, DEEP RELAXATION, PRANAYAMA BREATHING, including lunch & refreshments

Venue – St James Methodist Church Hall St James Road RAINHILL L35 OPB

Cost £26.00 Bookings are taken in advance. To reserve a place full payment is due in advance, this includes a non refundable deposit of £13. 24 hours notice is due for any cancellations. Limited places available.

To book your place contact Wendy 

M: 07749 503855 E: amityyoga@icloud.com

Amity Yoga Saturdays give you the chance to spend a little more time in experiencing the benefits of a longer yoga practice once a month.

Wendy says, “I’ve noticed that the opportunity to have a shared lunch is not only fun, but it gives people the chance to talk to each other in a space away from family, commitments and stress. Real friendships have been nurtured by attending Amity Yoga Saturdays, extending beyond the class with practical and emotional support in daily life. Everyone works together to make the day a success, keeping it in their diaries for their monthly fix. And they love the soup!”

Hatha Yoga Rainhill

Meeting in the warm and welcoming St James Methodist Church Hall, Amity Yoga brings together people from across the North West in a mixed ability class, with ages ranging from 18 to over 60. The day gives the students the opportunity to practice different elements of yoga, with time for extended practice and including the opportunity for a deeper meditation and relaxation than is possible in a weekly hour-long class.

The session allows for not only increased physical benefits, such as strength and flexibility, but also space for mental relaxation and for friendship. Discover the benefit of stilling the mind, to become more focused, with improved concentration and the release of tension from the mind and body. Yoga will help you to distress and increase in confidence. We are there together, to share our love of yoga at whatever stage we have reached.

An important part of Amity Yoga Saturdays (10 am till 2 pm) is the time set aside for lunch, getting to know each other over homemade soup in an atmosphere of togetherness. We lay the tables with candles and inspirational quotes, herbal or fruit teas are available throughout the day. A great way to meet new friends and nurture friendships.


“I may have rushed to get to the session but with Wendy’s soft tones talking you through, by the end I always feel so relaxed and chilled out. I just want to curl up and sleep! Wonderful.” Marj G – Amity Yoga Rainhill

“Wendy’s yoga days feed my body, mind and my belly! I find it so beneficial to devote quality time to an extended practice session as well as a full meditation. I feel peaceful, refreshed and strong when I leave.” Estelle – Amity Yoga, Rainhill

Two Birds on the Tree of Life – Higher Self – Soul, Lower Self – Ego

Lower selfego, individual self   – Higher self – soul, universal self

Meditate on Mascaro’s translation of Mundaka Upanishad, Part three Chapter 1, V1 to 3

“There are two birds, two sweet friends, who dwell on the self same tree.  One eats the fruits thereof, and the other looks on in silence.

The first is the human soul, who is resting on the tree, though active, feels sad in his unwisdom. But on beholding the power and the glory of the higher spirit, he becomes free from sorrow”

Take some time to meditate and consider these words.  Seek to reflect on your higher self and acknowledge your lower self and how it impacts on your life.

Namaste Amity Yoga Merseyside Rainhill Haskayne

Namaste Amity Yoga Merseyside Rainhill 



Twitter @amityyoga

Twitter @amityyoga

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