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Karma Yoga & Karuna – Compassion for the people of Nepal

Karuna – Compassion, tenderness. It also implies devoted action to alleviate the suffering of the afflicted ones. (Light on Yoga, B.K.S Iyengar) Karma Yoga – selfless action for the good of others Practice karuna (compassion) and karma yoga to help the thousands of people in Nepal affected by the earthquake. Please pray and donate NOW!…

Karma Yoga

Karma (KAR-muh) – means action, cause and effect. Karma yoga is selfless action for the good of others. Karma yoga – the achievement of union with the Supreme Universal Soul through action. (B.K.S. Iyengar) What does Karma Yoga mean to you?  Think about how you practice Karma Yoga? How does it make you feel?  Do…

Namaste Traditional Yoga Greeting

Namaste – Anjali Mudra   Hand gesture of yoga.  Prayer position with the hands on breast bone. This gives a feeling of being grounded.  Mudras  are seals that enhance the energy flow.  They are used to strengthen, calm, concentrate and purify.