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In person events postponed due to Covid Restrictions  

So often, the weekly yoga class is a rushed hour, squeezed in between work and family commitments. Amity Yoga Holistic and Wellbeing Retreat Days give you the chance to take more time once to develop your yoga practice in a friendly and supportive atmosphere.

Yoga is adaptable, and you only need to work at a level that feels right for you. Hatha yoga uses asanas, meditation, relaxation and pranayama breathing practices to increase flexibility and strength, improve concentration and reduce stress.


We have a wide range of ability and age within the group, so why not come and see what Amity Yoga  Retreats has for you?

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Hatha Yoga – Amity Yoga Holistic & Wellbeing  Retreat Days – Rainhill, Merseyside

Wendy Moran is a British Wheel of Yoga teacher, who trained in Hatha Yoga under Sarah Beck. She began to practice yoga aged 14, inspired by her mum. The classic yoga book, Yoga for Health by Richard Hittleman, was her first guide, introducing her to all aspects of yoga, including the asanas (yoga poses), breathing and the Yoga for Health diet.

The ‘Yoga for Health’ lifetime plan of practice was my daily routine. It helped me through many challenging times, and is still my foundation for practice.”

As she developed her own knowledge of yoga, she had the opportunity to train as a teacher, and her long term aim became passing on the benefits she had experienced to others.

 “I want to give people the ability to bring yoga into their lives, embracing the ultimate goal of self-awareness. I encourage my students to develop their practice beyond the yoga class, teaching them the techniques they need to carry it into their daily lives. I love to see how yoga can give people confidence, how breathing practices can help us relax and calm our nervous system, how practice can energise us when we are feeling low.”

Wendy is experienced in teaching at many levels of ability and at all ages, including students with disabilities.


She hosted a special workshop by international yoga elder Sama Fabian. Yogini’s from across the North West were inspired by this very special teacher.




The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery –  (Mark Van Doren)


Amity Yoga Rainhill

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