Two Birds on the Tree of Life – Higher Self – Soul, Lower Self – Ego

Lower selfego, individual self   – Higher self – soul, universal self

Meditate on Mascaro’s translation of Mundaka Upanishad, Part three Chapter 1, V1 to 3

“There are two birds, two sweet friends, who dwell on the self same tree.  One eats the fruits thereof, and the other looks on in silence.

The first is the human soul, who is resting on the tree, though active, feels sad in his unwisdom. But on beholding the power and the glory of the higher spirit, he becomes free from sorrow”

Take some time to meditate and consider these words.  Seek to reflect on your higher self and acknowledge your lower self and how it impacts on your life.

Namaste Amity Yoga Merseyside Rainhill Haskayne

Namaste Amity Yoga Merseyside Rainhill


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The Soul Bird Book Review

Ancient Sanskrit Poem – Look well to this day

Ancient Sanskrit Poem

Photo –  Ancient Town Hall, Naxos, Greece – special memories with my special yoga friend Penny

Look well to this day, for it is life

the very best of life

in its brief course lie all

the realities & truths of existence

the joy of growth, the splendour of action,

the glory of power

For yesterday is but a memory & tomorrow is only a vision

but if well-lived, makes every yesterday a memory of happiness & every tomorrow

a vision of hope look well therefore to this day

Ancient Sanskrit Poem



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