Cultivate Breathing Patterns to Promote Relaxation

When your feeling stressed have you ever noticed that your breath feels short and irregular?When relaxed the opposite is felt.  Observe how you breath when relaxed.   Your exhalations  extend longer than the length of your inhalations.   To promote relaxation we can focus on gently extending our exhalation by one or two seconds. Each…

Namaste Traditional Yoga Greeting

Namaste – Anjali Mudra   Hand gesture of yoga.  Prayer position with the hands on breast bone. This gives a feeling of being grounded.  Mudras  are seals that enhance the energy flow.  They are used to strengthen, calm, concentrate and purify.  

Inspiring 96 year old Yoga Teacher

96 year old Tao Porchon-Lynch is a wonderful yoga teacher.  In 2012 she was  recognised as the oldest yoga teacher at age 93.  Have a look at this video. She has many words of wisdom and is a true inspiration. [youtube]